Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Due South? Running from Carn Brea to Kynance Cove

Apologies (again) for the lack of updates: this one's a bit of an epic, and took forever to edit.

The plan for this run was simple: starting at Carn Brea, run as close as possible to South, for four hours, or as long as my little legs would carry me, using footpaths and bridleways to avoid major roads.

On the map, it looked a cinch... but it didn't quite work out like that and all the way from Four Lanes, through Burras to Trenear, I found myself dicing with the Sunday morning traffic on the twisty B3297. It all got a bit scary, and this stretch is definitely NOT RECOMMENDED as a running route.

From Trenear, I picked up a very pleasant (if somewhat ambiguously signposted) bridleway, along the River Cober towards Coverack Bridges and - although I got a bit lost - things began to get a good deal more enjoyable.

See for yourself:

However, from Lowertown onwards, down though Helston, the Loe and onto the Lizard Peninsula, things started to change, and this was to become one of my most memorable runs ever.

First and foremost for its magnificent and changing scenery, and later... well, I won't spoil it. Here's the video:

The map for the whole run is here... and although I'd really only recommend the bit from Lowertown onwards, I would recommend ANYTHING from that section very highly indeed.
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