Friday, 29 July 2011

A Little Writtle Run - further adventures in Essex

While I was up in Essex after Christmas, I took the oportunity to explore the delightful village of Writtle. (And it IS a village - not AT ALL a suburb of Chelmsford - on pain of gruesome, Wicker-man-like death...)

The point, aside from getting muddy for a few miles, was to show that most of Essex is lovely and rural and nice... not at all that stuff you see on "The Only Way is Essex".

Wherever you live, there's plenty to see if you go out, find a few footpaths and have a look - if you want to video it, go ahead. I don't mind embedding guest videos from YouTube... I'll even put some guidelines together, sooner or later.

Be warned: the following video contains really bad singing.

Once again, this route is manageably short - 4 miles or so - but there are lots of footpaths and things around there, so plenty of options for a longer or shorter run if you like.
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Monday, 18 July 2011

Trail Running in Essex: Danbury Common and Backwarden Nature Reserve

Again, to prove I don't just run in Cornwall...

A few days after Christmas we journeyed "up country", and I took the opportunity to meet up with fantastic Fetchie Nellers (Neil in real life) for a bit of a jaunt around Danbury Common and Backwarden Nature Reserve.

It was a bit of a foggy morning, and we had a few issues actually finding the common amid all the roads (good going since it's the biggest area of public land of its kind for quite some distance), but good fun was had...

...not least when we found the common's designated mountain bike trails. I mean, who needs bikes really?

Meanwhile, I think we may have uncovered a strange local fascination with the former lead singer of R&B boyband legends Another Level...

As you can see, we seemed to spend more time on the roads around the common than actually on it... and strangely kept passing the same pub, over and over again...

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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Christmas Day run: Skinner's Bottom, Mount Hawke and Menagissey

(I'm sorry it's been so long since my last post. Ironically, this run took place the very next day...)

I do like to run on Christmas Day, when I can.

Somehow, taking a little time out for a few miles before lunch makes the whole thing seem that much more special.

(I must confess, I also like the way people look at you like you're mental).

Christmas morning 2010 was lovely - bright, sunny and cold, with just the remnants of the week's snow. I got out for a teeny little run, exploring paths and roads around Skinner's Bottom, Mount Hawke, Manor Parsley and Menagissey (NOT Mevagissey).

So... yes, OK. I know it's July. But Merry Christmas anyway!

(I won't leave it so long before the next video. I promise.)

As you can see, this one was a pleasant little figure-of-eight. Much of it was on the road (I didn't have time to get too lost!) but the initial section of trail/bridleway was very nice indeed.

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