Thursday, 3 February 2011

Coasters GB Relay on the Roseland: Portloe to Portscatho

"Just a bunch of people running around the Great British coastline..."

That's how Coasters GB described their mammoth attempt to get the iconic "Barry the Baton" around all 4,400 miles or so of the coast path.

Runners of all abilities were welcome - pace irrelevant, just turn up, join in, and become part of the fun. A huge, joint effort... I just had to have a go.

While it would have been nice to escort Barry round one of my usual favourite runs, the schedule revealed a few gaps on the Roseland, so I jumped at the chance to fill a conspicuous gap in my knowledge of Cornwall, and finally get to know a place I'd heard such a lot about.

As ever, following our belowed South West coast path wasn't quite as straightforward as I'd hoped... but Barry and I certainly had a lot of fun.

Here's the evidence...

...So, I had a few small detours from the route, as the map will show - but nothing too serious. I hope.
*Waits for the Coasters peope to declare I've ruined the whole thing...*

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