Sunday, 10 October 2010

First things first

For me, the best part of running is the ability to explore - to pull on a pair of trail shoes and ask "Where does THAT path go?!"

As a result, I've seen some pretty amazing things while out running... from clifftop views and snowy hilltops to snacking seals and birds of prey.

I wanted to share those experiences, so started carrying a small video camera around with me - and this site was born.

This Vlog chronicles runs in some interesting places - along with interactive mapping wherever possible so you can see exactly WHERE each view is in the real world.

Most of these will be in Cornwall, simply because that's where I live and do most of my running.

A couple more things: this isn't a manicured, professional production, fronted by models and skinny athletes. This is me, an overweight guy in his thirties, out for a run - with all the sweat, snot and everything else that entails.

In other words, I *KNOW* I'm not pretty - especially not when I'm running - and I don't need you to tell me, thanks.

(If I'm on camera a lot, it's because the microphone works better that way round).

And I *KNOW* I'm not running in many of the clips. If I was, you wouldn't see ANYTHING! I do run in between, though. I promise.


IMPORTANT!!! - These are not usually planned runs, or recommended routes, but a record of where I actually went.

If you're inspired to visit some of these places, and the maps help you, that's brilliant, but do be aware there are clifftops, major roads, etc... so just be sensible, OK?

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