Friday, 29 October 2010

Porthtowan to Chapel Porth and back - circular beach run

In truth, this is more or less a second installment, after the last run with Martyn - another brief video from the same week, in excellent company and with spectacular scenery.

We were joined this time by the incomparable Clare (you might know her online as Pestomum), who had "Bob" tagging along for the ride - meaning we took things at a relaxed and enjoyable bimble.

The route itself was actually shown from above in the "birthday run" part two - the bit after Chapel Porth where I point down from the cliffs and say "You can run down there when the tide is out" (or something like that)... Well, it was, and we did. Porthtowan to Chapel Porth. And back.

Lots of mucking about, lots of fun... but, sadly, we failed to deliver the promised ice cream (Chapel Porth's speciality) - and even though this was rectified later, I still don't think I'm really forgiven, even now.

Nonetheless, amazing weather, great views, brilliant friends... a really fantastic run:

The round-trip was nominally 2.3 miles or so... but this did include a fair bit of jiggery pokery.

After all, what are wide open expanses of beach for, if not to write stupid messages to the world with your Garmin trace?

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