Friday, 29 July 2011

A Little Writtle Run - further adventures in Essex

While I was up in Essex after Christmas, I took the oportunity to explore the delightful village of Writtle. (And it IS a village - not AT ALL a suburb of Chelmsford - on pain of gruesome, Wicker-man-like death...)

The point, aside from getting muddy for a few miles, was to show that most of Essex is lovely and rural and nice... not at all that stuff you see on "The Only Way is Essex".

Wherever you live, there's plenty to see if you go out, find a few footpaths and have a look - if you want to video it, go ahead. I don't mind embedding guest videos from YouTube... I'll even put some guidelines together, sooner or later.

Be warned: the following video contains really bad singing.

Once again, this route is manageably short - 4 miles or so - but there are lots of footpaths and things around there, so plenty of options for a longer or shorter run if you like.
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